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Boozey Poke Cupcakes February 10, 2013

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It’s my friend’s birthday.  I was thinking about making a cake or something to commemorate the occasion, but wanted it to be something…different.  I thought about doing a traditional summer time treat of Jello Poke cake! It’s the middle of winter, so I imagined this would be a warm, sunshiney pick-me-up.  Then I thought…I wonder if that would work with cupcakes? Since those are easier to serve, and people love cupcakes. it should, so let’s try it!

Then…I had the best idea EVER.  Jello SHOT cupcakes!  Of course!  How have I not tried this yet?! I mean, I was already going to be making the jello, so why not throw some booze in there with it?  So I got started.

I chose to use white cake mix, since that could really support any flavor of jello without mucking it up.  My friends and I have always been pretty adventurous with our jello shots, so I already had a few ideas about flavour combinations.  Strawberry + Whipped cream vodka? yes, please.  Then, while experimenting, I learned I needed two batched of jello, so the second winner was Mango jello + Malibu Coconut Rum…YUM.

Join me on this culinary (haha) adventure!


Step one: Prepare cake batter according to box instructions. I went with a generic $1.00 box of cake mix, because the jello/liquor is the real star here. 



Step Two: Get yourself some jazzy cupcake papers.  Or plain ones, whatever floats your boat.  Since these cupcakes are for my male friend, I figured you can’t go wrong with Zebra/Tiger stripes!



Step Three: Pour the batter into the cupcake liners, filling them approximately 2/3 full.  I kinda guessed at this.  Whatevs, make the cupcakes how you normally would from a box. I usually overfill them (accidentally) so I never get the full 24 out of a box like you are supposed to.  Oh well, I like big cakes, and I cannot lie. Mine looked like this:




Step Five: Bake them shits.  Again, follow box instructions.  My box (haha) said to bake them at 350 F for 15-20 minutes.  That’s a big range when baking, so I plopped my timer at 17 minutes, which was perfect. (I didn’t photograph the oven, sorry)

Step Six: Remove from oven, and remove from cupcake tins.  I laid mine out on a plastic tray in neat little rows. do not proceed to step seven until the cakes are cooled.  



Step Seven: Let the poking begin!  You’ll need a drinking straw for this.  Steal one from McDonald’s if you don’t have a pack of bendy straws like every other perfectly respectable adult does.  You can really poke whatever pattern you like, but keep it to 4-5 holes.  I did a pattern that had one in the middle and four around it.  



Step Eight: Once you’ve poked them all, its time to mix your Jello.  This is where your creativity can be a big asset!  Usually when I make jello shots, I substitute the liquor for the entire portion of cold water.  For these cupcakes – since it is the first time – I did 1/2 cup cold water, 1/2 cup liquor.  So, follow the box instructions for the jello, substituting liquor for all or part of the cold water.  I usually add a few ice cubes into my measuring cups to chill it further.  Here are the combos I used:






Step Nine: this next part is sort of tricky. I found the easiest way to do it was holding one cupcake at a time, over the sink.  The key is to move slooooowly.  Hold the cupcake in your hand, and gently, ever so slowly, pour the jello mix into the center hole of the cake. Pour until you can see the jello liquid rising.  It will run over, and make a mess.  If you tilt the cupcake a bit while doing this, you can sort of catch the liquid in the other holes.  (this sounds gross, haha). 

Since this was my first time doing this, I made a huge mess and lost some of my jello.  Hence, I had to make a second batch.  But, this worked out, because now there are two flavors!

when you’re done, it should look something like this:





Step Ten: Refrigerate!  It’s best to let them set up for 3-4 hours, so they aren’t a soggy mess.   I bet you wish you had a beer fridge a cool as this:



why yes, that IS apple pie moonshine there in the door.  This part sucks the most.  Waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting…when all you want is to eat a jello shot cupcake #firstworldproblems

Step Eleven: Mix up your frosting and give them some covering!  On a normal jello poke cake, we would frost the cake with a tub of cool whip.  I decided to do a mix of half cool whip half vanilla (white) store bought icing.  I suppose you could whip up your own frosting if you like that sort of thing, but I’m lazy.  


Step Twelve: eattttt them.  but not too many, there is real live booze in there.  No nomming and driving! 




The consensus, after enjoying these little beauties, was that the mango/coconut rum were completely awesome, you could barely even taste the rum.  The strawberry/whipped cream were also awesome, but you could really taste the vodka.  food for thought 🙂

Boozey Jello Shot Cupcakes:

1 box cake mix (white) – prepare batter as directed – mine called for 2 egg whites and 1 cup +2 Tbsp of water

2 boxes of Jello

1/2 Cup of liquor per box of jello (or more if you’re feeling ballsy, up to 1 C/box)

1 tub of Cool Whip

1/2 can frosting

Drinking straw

Preheat oven to 350 F (or what your box says), and prepare batter as directed.  Pour batter into cupcake liners in a cupcake tin.  Bake according to box instructions.  Remove from tins and let cool.  Once cool to the touch, use a drinking straw and poke 4-5 holes into the cupcakes.  

Prepare jello as listed on box, substituting liquor for part of the cold water.  Once completely mixed, slowly pour jello mixture into the holes of the cupcakes individually, holding voer the sink.  Fill until you can see the liquid in the holes (be careful not to overfill the cupcakes).  Once all are filled, place the cupcakes in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours, until jello is completely set.  

Prepare frosting: fold together half a can of frosting and 1 tub of cool whip.  Frost cupcakes, and enjoy!


Foul Balls! May 23, 2012

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Did I ever tell y’all that I started a softball team?  No?  Well shame on me!  It started last year, and we were pretty terrible.  7 teams in our division, and we ended up in 5th place.  juuuuust missed the playoffs. 

I’m so sporty:


So last year, Ares Sportswear sort of sponsored us, by giving us a sort of discount on uniforms.  I’ll admit, we look pretty sharp. Jim Wallace actually sponsored the team by paying the entrance fee.  Thanks Jim!

Here he is:



Dang, he’s a rockstar.  So this year, we decided that we didn’t want to be an “ares” team, especially since more than half of the players didn’t even work there.  So I paid up front, and then we got a bar to sponsor us.  WAY BETTER.  We play to go to the bar afterward anyway, am I right?



haha.  So, after every game, we head over to Coaches off of Bethel and Godown roads.  They Have TRIVIA ON WEDNESDAYS.  You know I love trivia.  Oh, you didn’t know that?  well.. I do. THey give prizes to first, second, and third place winners.  Usually a GC to the bar itself.  This season, we’ve won $80 in GC and $50 in CASH.  we’re gonna throw and end of the year party at Coaches!


SO, I vow to take some pictures of THIS season today.   Our team is so much better this year, we’ve all had a little experience, we work better together, and we’ve got some awesome new players.  Our record isn’t much better yet, but it feels better.  and I think that’s half the battle. 




So, I had a pre… May 14, 2012

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So, I had a pretty wonderful weekend.  My family and I did some fancy camping!  ‘-What’s fancy-camping?’ you may be asking yourself…Well, imagine all the awesomeness of camping, fires, woods, fishing, canoes, whittling sticks, etc, and add in some sporadic electricity and a cabin!  Woo!  

We went down to Camp Wyandot in the Hocking Hills area of Ohio.  Love that place.  We’ve been going there my entire life, usually twice a year (spring and fall).  The past few years have been hit or miss for me, what with life getting in the way, so I was so desperately happy to be able to go this time.  

Julie and I packed up mom’s Rav4 and headed out of town around 2:00pm on friday afternoon.  Traffic was not terrible,and  we arrived at camp at 2:45pm.  We were teh first ones there, so we set up the main cabin, moved some stuff around, did some light decorating for mother’s day, and then jumped in the kayaks.  There’s a pond right in the heart of camp, right down the hill from the main cabin.  We took advantage of the quietness to paddle around the pond, and belt out country songs. Julie had printed out guitar tab sheets, so we could have a huge singalong at the campfire!  

Bobbie and rick arrived next, Roxie (the Beagle) in tow.  Rick brought fishing poles, so I joined him for some fishing.  I caught 5 blue gills, and he caught one.  yesssssss.  We saw a beaver.  It swam up to us, about ten feet away, then retreated.  Later, we saw him on the other side of the pond, dragging a tree back to his dam.  IT WAS AWESOME. 

Mom and mark arrived next, and then Molly and Scott.  we had a nice dinner of hot dogs and various salads, and then played some games for a bit.  When bedtime came, the kids all went down the way a bit to our cabin, and settled in for the night.  We quickly discovered that we had an uninvited guest in the cabin, a bat!  Molly, Scott, and I were already bundled up in all of our clothes, zipped into our sleeping bags, and Julie did not even care.  we were yelling and cursing that bat, but it kept swooping around the pitch black cabin, divebombing away, flitting through our beams of flashlight.  

I’m not sure if it left or went back to its hiding space, but I was tired and fell asleep.  Thankfully, none of us woke up with guano on us, bite marks, or having contracted rabies.  

The next morning, Molly and I woke up and did more fishing, I caught four more fishes, and since Rick wasn’t there, I took them off the hook all by myself!  This is a big step, y’all.  Apparently, I’m completely comfortable doing it, as long as I don’t have to actually TOUCH the dang fish.  Fish rag to the rescue!  Vasko would be so proud.  Sort of 😉

After breakfast, a few of us went into “town” to check out the Lancaster Sales store, which just happened to be right next to an army surplus store!  I bought a knife sharpener at the general store, which was somethign directly out of the 80’s.  It was hilarious.  I bought black/white/grey (urban) campo pants, and some pink paracord to make more survival bracelets.  I also got a cotton web belt to house my knife sheaths.  

The camo pants made me feel completely badass, so I put them on immediately upon arriving back at camp.  Those, paired with my giant survival knife, made me invincible.  I’m pretty sure.  Or at least, lets pretend. 


The rest of the day was pretty mellow.  Did some canoeing, then had dinner.  After that, we went down to the main firering, and started a sweet bonfire.  Julie and mom brough down their guitars, and I had roughly four beers stuffed into the cargo pockets of my camo pants.  I was wearing a black wife beater and a sports bra.  I’m a classy lady.  Molly brought a bottle of vodka, and bobbie and mom had wine. 

For the singalong, we did mostly country, then veered off into other genres.  We ended with the best disney medley EVER.  it was so much fun 🙂  Then Julie got the awesome idea of tossing a pebble into the fire, which caused it to explode.  A burning ember, about one inch square, landed in my cleavage.  And proceeded to BURN ME. Of course, I started screaming like a banshee, and could not get it out.  You know how a sports bra kinda squishes your boobs together?  well, imagine a hot coal in between your boobs.  yeah. fun.   So I tried grabbing it through the bra, to hold it away from my skin, and the bra started melting.  Julie helped me get it out, and Tom dumped a whole bottle of water on me.  IT felt like heaven. 

I now have blisters on my boobs, y’all.  hahaha. 

Sunday was rainy, and we didn’t do much.  Made breakfast for the moms, and then packed up. Kev and I took mom to Olive garden later last night, which she loved., 

Camp was magical.  My soul needed a break; time to heal, time to mend, time to move on.  I’ve been so down lately, depressed about everything, really.  This did a lot to recharge me, although I’m nowhere close to happy yet.  I’ll get there, probably.  Its so easy to focus on all of the crap in my life, that I sometimes (read: always) forget about the good stuff.  

Forcing myself to focus on the good is hard, but I have to do it.  We’re in the home stretch for school, graduation is supposed to be at the end of October. So that’s good!  I go on vacation soonish, at the end of June.  So that’s good!  Two of my friends have gotten engaged in the past two weeks, which means weddings.   So that’s good!

What other good can I focus on? Help a sister out. 


QR me, Bitchessssss (for work) November 30, 2011

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Pinterest, revisited November 15, 2011

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I know I wrote about this last time, but I can stress enough how in love with pinterest I am.

This is the makeup that I ussed for halloween this year.  I did it myself, which was way easier than expected.  I found so many inspiration photos and tutorials via pinterest!  That flower headband was also made by me, with homemade flowers.  Oh, and the flowerrs involved BURNING.  LOVE IT.

I’ve been trying really hard to make something that I pinned on pinterest at least once a week.  I’ve done some crafty stuff, some cooking stuff, all kinds of stuff!  Here’s one of my favorites:
Look closely!  That’s darth vader in there! It took some fancy scissor work, but the star wars geek at our office really loved it 🙂


so, friends, what inspires you? Do you love creating things as much as I do?


pinterest August 25, 2011

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I love it.
I crave it.
I’ve decided to DO SOMETHING WITH IT.
so, for those that don’t know:
^ go there, and fall deeply in love.
I can get you an invite, just comment me! <–those are my boards. Things I love, things that inspire me, things I find hilarious, and things I want to make.

And make them I shall!!!

I've already tackled a few things I've found on pinterest, namely: Cake balls. what? CAKE BALLS. balls of cake, dipped in chocolate. in other words, the most delicious thing on the face of the planet.

next: melted crayon art. this was a popular "pin" and I decided it looked completely doable. and now…I have an etsy shop devoted to selling them (amongst other things)

Next: nail poish. lost of different techniques, the one currently on my fingers is a nude color, topped with sparklies on the ends. Kinda french manicure-esque, but with glitter instead of white 🙂 I LOVE IT.

So, I've decided to keep on making things I find on pinterest…because that's the point, right? To fin crap you love, and then make it part of your life!

in the annoying words of crazy charlie sheen: duh. winning.


May day May 10, 2011

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So, may is here. Finally. It was so beautiful outside today, I totally put the top down on the sebring. God, I sure do love sunshine!  I’m hoping we will actually get to play softball those week, but its looking like rain. Again. I’m beginning to think it may be a wise idea to invest in an ark!

Lisa and I are trying.g to up our weight watchers game. We both need to step it up and be more focused.  I’ve been losing and gaining the same 5 pounds for about two month now. Very frustrating. It’s like our meeting leader always says, “if you sorta do the program, it sorta works!”  So yeah, I need to not “sorta” anymore. Haha.

In gym news, I’ve decided to try jogging on the treadmill. I’ve been alternating between a very fast-paced walk and a light jog. Today, I ‘ran’ at a 6.0 for almost 2 solid minutes! Woo! Pretty soon, I’ll be entering 5ks and shit. When that day comes, I’m gonna make everyone do it with me, so be prepared. Woo!

So, yay spring, yay warmth, yay sunshine! Go enjoy it, take an epic walk.around the neighborhood, and don’t forget to slather on the sunscreen!