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A liiiiiittle explanation August 26, 2010

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So, here’s a little about the diet plan that I’ve started, to lose a bunch of weight.

name: Optifast

It’s basically an all liquid diet that consists of 5 packets of powder that I mix with stuff throughout the day.  Each packet contains vitamins and minerals, so that after consuming all five, I get my daily allotment.  I normally mix mine with either water or coffee.

things I can have:

water, coffee, DIET COKE, crystal light, bouillon, 0 calorie sport drinks.

things I cannot have:

ALL solid food, all alcohol (boooo), all  drinks containing calories (such as juice, milk, etc), cream in my coffee, etc.

It is all monitored by my doctor, I go in for weekly weigh-ins and checkups, and every other week they draw my blood to make sure I’m not dying. Because dying would totally be missing the point of this whole adventure.

I’m mid-week three right now, and things are actually going pretty well. Here’s the breakdown of how I’ve done so far:

week one: lost 5.6lbs

week two: lost 5.2lbs

total in two weeks: 10.8lbs.

Now, I’m not a scientist, but 10.8lbs in two weeks seems pretty awesome to me.  AND I’ve already gotten a few compliments.

So that’s the gist of what I’m doing. I’m not gonna lie, a lot of the time it REALLY sucks.  Such as the first Friday I was on it, my company bought us all tickets to the clippers game (minor league baseball in Columbus) and gave everybody $15 in “clippers cash” to spend on food and drink.  Oh, and one of the owners opened up a tab at the upstairs bar.  So, all my friends were having a hell of a time, and I’m ordering bottled water.

Or last weekend, how we had plans to go down to Ironton for “Rally on the River” a big motorcycle rally.  Street vendors, beers, pizza, it was everywhere.  I totally had some beers. and some veggie pizza, and thought I had royally screwed myself that weekend…but the scale was nice to me.

Or this coming weekend.  We are going boating/camping Saturday and Sunday. I’ll be ok, right?



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