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I’m like, totally a trendsetter August 27, 2010

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so, every now and then I get REALLY bored with my hair.  Usually when this occurs, one of three things will happen:

1. I’ll cut it.  usually myself

2. I’ll color it. usually myself, and usually just  a brighter shad of my natural color.

3. I’ll try out some crazy new hair ideas, like bumpits or crimping, etc.

So last night, the fever hit me, and I just HAD to do something.  I was trolling around the local walmarts and wound up in the hair aisle.  I scooped up some Revlon Color Silk, and then spotted the roller section.  They had those little foam roller things, like my mom had when she was little.  I could totally see where my night would end up.

So, first I dyed my hair. (no pic of that, sorry) and watched this awesome show on the history channel (shut up, they totally have awesome shows on the history channel!) Called Stan Lee’s Superhumans.  Stan Lee found this freaky dude who can contort himself into a tiny box, and has that guy go gallivanting across the planet looking for other freaky people.  Examples: he found a guy with the hardest head.  his skull was 16mm thick, whereas most people’s are around 7mm. He found a dude that can climb anything, just like a monkey.  He found another dude that can run forever, he never fatigues! See? awesome!

Then, after using the provided conditioner, I started the curler process. Whilst wrapping, Contortionist guy found a man who can feel no pain.  He shoved a 10 inch skewer through his forearm without even flinching, and i t didn’t even bleed!  CRAZY!  Then they found a dude who can make the sound of an orchestra, with his voice.  Kinda like beatboxing, but to the nth degree.  The put an endoscope down his throat to watch what his vocal chords do, it was so gross, but so neat.

Ok, so here’s the head with all the curlers in:

Totally awesome, right?  Look how cute and tiny they are.   I should have taken a picture of my head wrapped in  a bandanna, with green nightcream on my face. and a pink fluffy bathrobe.  that would have been funny.

So, then I slept.



and then took them out. Holy jesus.

Curls!  And brighter hair!  Yay!

so, since that looked kind of crazy, I took some after pictures, too.









So I guess my super-human feat of awesomeness is like, totally being a trendsetter.


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