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1/5 the way! September 21, 2010

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So, after last night’s weigh in, I am 1/5 of the way to my goal! Yay!

Last week’s worries and stresses didn’t bring me down too bad.  I was expecting a little bit higher loss, but 3.6 is nothing to frown about.  I’m keeping up with my last chance DVD (even though I am so freaking sore) and my nutritionist said that I seem to be responding well to exercise, so that’s good.

Got a busy week over here, so I’m going to try my best not to eff up because of stress.   Wish me luck!


A Progress report September 19, 2010

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So, the thing I posted earlier today, was actually sitting in my “drafts” section for like…3 weeks.  So, I figured a current update would be good!

Last week’s weigh in was pretty good. I had lost 6.? lbs!  That brings my total loss up to 16 and some change.  One thing that is majorly awesome, is that my clothes either fit me better, or are too big.  So to me, that is a better sign of progress than a number on the scale.

I’ve started some new exercise stuff, which I think will be very worthwhile.  I’m continuing the not-so-epic walks with O-Town, try to do that at elast once a day.  I started back up with the wii fit, mostly boxing and step aerobics, and some balance games for funsies.

The best thing, and hardest thing I’ve started is a workout DVD called “last chance workout with Jillian Michaels”.  It is from teh makers of the biggest loser, and has some of my favorite contestants on it, such as Tara, Sione, Allen, and Danny.  It’s actually a REALLY great DVD, so if anyone needs ideas for workouts, pick it up!  I got it for $9 at Wallyworld.

The Last chance workout section of the DVD is separated into a few different sections.  You can choose between weeks, 1-2, 3-4, or 5-6.  I imagine the further you go the more challenging it is.  Then within those weeks, there are different ‘routines’ for monday -saturday!  I’ve done 2 of the days so far, and I am REALLY feeling it.  It kicked my ass, but in a good, positive, uplifting way 🙂

I have my next weigh in tomorrow, and I think it should go pretty well.  Fingers crossed, I’m hoping for 5 lbs.



Keep on Truckin

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So, camping/boating a few weeks ago was majorly, awesomely fun.  I kinda effed up my food intake on saaturday/sunday morning.  enough to make me GAIN weight, rather than losing any.  So, I am up 0.2lbs.  For a total weight loss of 10.6lbs over three weeks.  Which, honestly? I still think is good.

L and I were sharing a tent, and she provided it.  Well, <i>borrowed</i> it is more like it.  She got it from her great uncle, and I am 97.4% sure that it hasdn’t been used in a good twenty years.  There were no instructions, or pictures to see what it should look like…so that was fun.  But we did it!  It would be awesome if I had a picture of it…alas.  I think LD took some, I’ll check later.

TLDR: Laura and I kick ass at putting up tents.

We I drank a shitton of beer.  We had 3 24-packs, plus a few extras, between 6 people, and drank ALL of it. In less than 24 hours.  If we all drank the same amount, that’s 12 beers each.  whoopsie.

so, i guess I’m just trying to say that even though I have been completely sabotaging myself lately…I’m still trying.  I started a “jogging” a few times a week, and I’ve been taking oscatron on walks. (that’s my dog.  cutest dog ever, in the history of dogs.) these walks seemed epic to me inthe beginning, but they really aren’t THAT bad.  I pop on my iPod, usually the playlist I made for new years eve 2009-2010, and get to steppin.  The circuit I take around the neighborhood usually lasts between 7-9 songs, which is between 35-40 minutes.  So that’s good, right?  right.

til later!