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26.4 October 21, 2010

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That’s my total loss so far.  Yay!

I bought new pants at target on tuesday, because I ws tired of hiking them up all day.  They fit really well (for now), which is totally exciting!

Some cool things I’ve noticed:

  • I can wear some of my old jeans, from YEARS ago, that I couldn’t bear to toss out
  • I can wear some shirts that I hung onto, after they stopped fitting.
  • my shoes all feel a little loose
  • I can walk a lot longer without feeling tired

The past few weeks have been a little rough on my diet plan.  I’ve “cheated” a lot, which has slowed down my progress.  I found the program so easy in the beginning, to stick with, but as time goes on and on, I am finding that temptation is kicking my ass.  and that is not cool.  I need to re-up my motivation and commitment, so that I am not wasting a bunch of time and money!  Any suggestions on that? 

Work is stressful as always, we are just SO busy.  a lot of days I don’t even take my break for lunch!  we are between busy seasons right now, but it sure doesn’t feel like it.  I can only imagine what november/december will bring.  Yaaaaaaaay Stress!

That’s it for now, ciao!


One Response to “26.4”

  1. Julie Says:

    So good! Great work. I’ve been thinking about activities that might be fun to do that are not centered around food. What are some of your ideas? I’d thought of walks at Antrim with dogs, maybe giong to a tea salon (is tea on the list? I can’t remember), what else??

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