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It’s a miracle! November 16, 2010

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So…this was a pretty rough week to be on a diet. I guess any week is really a tough week, come to think of it.

I had dinner out FOUR TIMES this past week. FOUR! I  tried to make good choices, and I think I did pretty well considering the choices I would have made 4 months ago.

Thursday night we went to The Elevator downtown. If you haven’t been…drop whatever you are doing and get there FAST! It is so so so good. My friend Steve is a chef there, and it is just fantastic. We had tuna tartar to start, and I had tuna brulee as my entree. Sooooo good.

Friday, I went to applebee’s with Kevin, my dad, and my dad’s new girlfriend. They apparently connected at the high school reunion this past august. She was very nice, a good conversationalist! I felt awful though, headache, sore throat, and tummy ache.  I ordered a spinach salad with grilled shrimp.  Dressing On the side.  Delish!

Saturday was AU friend thanksgiving. Good times good friends and great food! I probably ate more than i should have…but t was all so great!

So to make up for all that, I literally exercised my ass off on Sunday and today. Went to the gym Sunday, did the following:
*33 minutes on elliptical (2 miles)
*20 minutes on weight machines

After I got home, I watched some tv for a bit, then went for a walk at the homestead park with Oscar. (2 miles).

Then this morning I did the same thing at the gym:
*33 minutes on the elliptical (2 miles)
*20 Minutes on weight machines

Then on my lunch break I took a 30 minute walk around a pond.

Was it all for naught?! NO!! At my weigh in tonight, I lost 3 lbs this week! Yay! Whoop whoop!


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