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New Year, new plan January 12, 2011

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If you haven’t cottoned on by now, know this: I’m not very good at updating.  haha.

So, after some soul-searching, and an admission from my mom that she thought the optifast would be a very temporary starting point, I have decided that it would be in my best interest to make some changes.

I’ve decided to follow in the footsteps of Jennifer Hudson, and join weight watchers!  If millions of other people can find success with this program, I think I can too.  And let’s be honest, not eating anything sucks.  Drinking shakes sucks.  Eating real food is awesome.  Especially eating real food and learning how to do it correctly.  That’s mega-awesome.

I went to my first meeting on monday, and I’ll admit that I was super nervous.  but it wasn’t bad!  Jennifer hudson told me I could sign up for free, so that was cool.  There’s  a$12/week meeting fee, plus groceries.  So that really beats my CONCI fees that I was paying before.  The people at the meeting were so nice, and they all seemed so supportive of one another.  The “leader” of the meeting said she had lost 108 lbs using weight watchers, so that gave me some hope!

Plus, my mom has been pretty successful with the program.  And Matt and Laura, they’ve lost a combined 60+ lbs!  woot!

One thing that sort of warmed my heart this week: we had birthday dinner for kevin (my brother) on friday night, and the attendees were me, mom, kev, and dad.  it was refreshing to have the family back together again.  It got me thinking about how we used to go out to dinner, just the four of us…and it made me happy.  And my dad was so sweet.  He was complimenting me on my success so far, encouraging me to keep up the good work.

The cousins and I went to his hockey game on Sunday night (coldest hockey game EVER), and went out to the winking lizard afterward, so molls could get some din-din.  In walks most of the hockey team!  the girls and I finished up, and I hung around with the guys for a little bit longer.  Dad just seemed so proud of me, and how well he thought I was doing.  It was really nice.  Dave even complimented me!  yay for boys noticing!

ok, I think that’s it for now.  Stay on track, and do something that makes you smile today!