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Foul Balls! May 23, 2012

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Did I ever tell y’all that I started a softball team?  No?  Well shame on me!  It started last year, and we were pretty terrible.  7 teams in our division, and we ended up in 5th place.  juuuuust missed the playoffs. 

I’m so sporty:


So last year, Ares Sportswear sort of sponsored us, by giving us a sort of discount on uniforms.  I’ll admit, we look pretty sharp. Jim Wallace actually sponsored the team by paying the entrance fee.  Thanks Jim!

Here he is:



Dang, he’s a rockstar.  So this year, we decided that we didn’t want to be an “ares” team, especially since more than half of the players didn’t even work there.  So I paid up front, and then we got a bar to sponsor us.  WAY BETTER.  We play to go to the bar afterward anyway, am I right?



haha.  So, after every game, we head over to Coaches off of Bethel and Godown roads.  They Have TRIVIA ON WEDNESDAYS.  You know I love trivia.  Oh, you didn’t know that?  well.. I do. THey give prizes to first, second, and third place winners.  Usually a GC to the bar itself.  This season, we’ve won $80 in GC and $50 in CASH.  we’re gonna throw and end of the year party at Coaches!


SO, I vow to take some pictures of THIS season today.   Our team is so much better this year, we’ve all had a little experience, we work better together, and we’ve got some awesome new players.  Our record isn’t much better yet, but it feels better.  and I think that’s half the battle. 




One Response to “Foul Balls!”

  1. Julie Says:

    Tastes so good! You are a natural organizer!

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